is a web-based SMS Text Message Marketing Application that allows any company or organization the ability to cost-effectively market and promote their products, services, upcoming events, appointment reminders & more to any unlimited amount of subscribers, customers or or potential clients!

TextZing's technology provider has been recognized as a Top 50 Software Developer and Ranked 515 in Inc. Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, ensuring every TextZing subscriber has the most cutting-edge software available for their mobile and digital marketing needs!


Thousands of Retailers, Service Providers, Universities, Hospitality Facilities, Property Management, Non-Profits, Religious Organizations and More have incorporated this same platform for sending sms text updates, digital coupons, appointment reminders, market research, digital loyalty & rewards programs, and much more!

SMS Text Marketing Services from TextZing centers around the growing use of cell phones (traditional & smartphones) and text messages as a marketing tool and foundation for any successful mobile marketing campaign!

Hundreds of recent studies continue to point to key factors that make text message marketing a must-do for any business looking to better connect to the massive mobile consumer base that is growing rapidly each day!

Here are some key findings from recent published studies.

    •    On average, 95% of your subscribers will read your text message within 3-5 minutes of receipt. That's 5 times more than email subscriptions and 9 times more than direct mail!

    •    Cell Phones are usually with 3 ft of consumers at all times and is the #1 preferred form of communication for voice & electronic conversations

    •    Offers & Coupons sent via text are redeemed at close to 30% vs. 3% for other forms of advertising

    •    Cell Phones Have Unparalleled Reach! (consumers carry their phones with them everywhere they go, night and day & 90% of them use their mobile phone for text messages regularly).

Why Wait? Join the thousands of Retailers, Restaurants, Event Management Companies, Entertainment Facilities, Professional and Recreational Sports Teams, as well as Hundreds of Other Types of Businesses who have made Text Message Marketing the Cornerstone of the Mobile Marketing & Advertising!

Markets & Uses
Media, TV Radio Text Message Marketing / Restaurant Text Message / Bar & Nigh Clubs Text Message Marketing / Emergency Text Alerts / Medical Office Text Alerts / Retail Stores Text Message Marketing / Real Estate Agents & Brokers Text Message Marketing/ Schools & Universities Text Message Alerts / Churches & Ministries Text Message Marketing / Spa & Salons Text Message Marketing / Trade Show Text Message Marketing/ Hotels & Resorts Text Message Alerts & Marketing